Does My Business Need a Rebrand? 5 Signs It’s Time For A New Look

It can be hard to know whether your business actually needs a rebrand… so here are 5 warning signs it might be time to call your local doc—uh, design studio.

You’re stuck in the past, but your customers aren’t.

If you’ve been around for a decade or more, there’s a good chance you need to rebrand. (Unless you’re running a successful retro costume shop, then go ahead, keep the funk alive.) If someone can look at your logo and immediately associate it with a time period that’s at least a decade back, consider a facelift.

Your business has “grown up,” but your brand is “still a kid.”

Most kids start with blocks, then graduate to LEGOS, and one day, they’re all grown up and building things with a saw and two-by-fours. When your company started out, that blocky logo may have been just fine for the minimal services you provided, but now you’re a full-service company. Maybe it’s time to modernize your look, or add a fresh graphic element.

Outside of your industry, consumers find it difficult to “decode” your brand.

If people are scratching their heads trying to figure out why you used hot pink in your color palette, or what the strange assortment of shapes that makes up your logo has to do with your business, then perhaps it’s time to rethink the symbolism of your brand. Of course, some brands are known for being cryptic, but how many of those do you find on the Fortune 500 list? Hint: Not many.

You’re lost in the herd.

The metaphor of “being the black sheep” has negative connotations… but why not try being the red sheep or the blue sheep? You want to stand out, and for a good reason.

The various divisions of your company aren’t living under the same roof.

Think siblings, not roommates. They’re all obviously related, even though they each have their different characteristics. That should be the way the branding of different segments of your company comes across: Like a family.

If your company fits into one or more of these categories, it may have a case of Need-A-Rebrand-osis. Side-affects may include: loss of customers, difficulty gaining new customers, headaches, and consternation.

Ask Wenzel about whether or not a rebrand might be right for your business. Get your brand back on track and start feeling better about your company, today.

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