We listen. We think. We create.

Brands grow strong when they’re rooted in strategy and soaked in creativity.

Wenzel’s mission is to promote brand strength—at any point during your company’s journey—via the powerhouse combo of creative + strategy. Whether it’s branding, packaging, digital marketing, or retail point-of-sale, we use rock-solid graphic design principles to creatively solve problems and drive the success of your company. Not only do our tactics help ensure your brand will grow—they help ensure that it will thrive.

Design is more than a process. It’s a mindset. Today’s consumers expect companies to consistently provide well-crafted, nuanced experiences. Therefore, our goal is to integrate solid design with details that don’t distract, but rather strengthen the key message surrounding your product or service. To achieve this objective, Wenzel relies on a fine-tuned system of inquiry, information, and intuition.

Inquiry – Our process always starts with questions—whether face-to-face, over the phone, or across a screen—we want to get to know the project, but we also want to get to know you.

Information – Once we’ve established the basic parameters, we can begin the research phase. We analyze data, trends, and related fields—anything that can help us better solve your problem—in order to make informed design decisions throughout the project.

Intuition – There’s a reason we’re called “creatives.” Each member of the Wenzel crew has developed a keen sense for what works and what doesn’t. Whether it’s a design element, word choice, or content strategy, we trust our creative instincts. Take a look at our work and you will, too.

In addition to creative + strategy, respect is the third deep-rooted principle that guides Wenzel. It reigns supreme in our studio…

In Our People – Our team is committed to the vision of the client. We listen intently to any ideas, needs, or concerns you have about a project. We’re wholehearted advocates for open communication within our client relationships, whether they last the length of a project or a lifetime.

In Our Thinking – What you think translates into what you value. At Wenzel, we think deeply and strategically about what we create. We immerse ourselves in the observation, research, and strategy of each project because we sincerely value our clients, their company, and the impressions we help them make.

In Our Work – Our respect for our clients translates into our commitment to creative excellence. We take pride in our ability to use our talents and experience to create content that drives the success of our clients and their companies.

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