Wenzel Spotlight: Gene’s Aqua Pro Logo

We had the wonderful opportunity to design the first (official) logo for Gene’s Aqua Pro, an Oklahoma dive shop located on Lake Tenkiller. We met with the current owner, John Cotherman, and found out that Gene’s had been around since 1971, almost fifty years, but had never had an official logo… that was about to change!

Our process for logo development at Wenzel begins with a detailed questionnaire that becomes a road map for the designer. It helps us know where a client wants us to go with the design, and keeps the team on track throughout the project. But one of the greatest benefits of the questionnaire is that it helps the client narrow down what they want. Wenzel has been doing this awhile, and we’ve got a pretty good idea of what questions we need to ask to help guide clients through the creative process.

John envisioned a logo for Gene’s Aqua Pro that would embody fun and adventure, while still hearkening back to the history of the dive shop. He informed us that the original founder, Gene, is known in the Lake Tenkiller community as quite the character, and can often be seen wearing his signature captain’s hat. Although John wanted us to incorporate aspects of Gene’s legacy in the design, his main goal was to give the dive shop a fresh identity that would carry on for the next fifty years, regardless of who owned the shop.

Our team tackled the project with gusto and provided John with several unique options from which to choose. John took a particular liking to a design with just the right amount of fun and ferocity… and we certainly think the new logo makes a splash!

So if you’re looking for a great, friendly Oklahoma dive shop, we know just the place! (Oh, and if you see John, be sure to tell him how much you love the new logo.)