Interactive Ad Campaign Puts Event-Goers On Stage

Arby's Interactive Ad Campaign

We worked with US Beef (Arby’s largest franchisee) to create an interactive campaign that had to fit within some very specific parameters. They let us know what they had to work with and what they wanted to accomplish, and we took it from there.

The project challenges required a healthy dose of creative + strategy. US Beef had ad space for a few translights (dimensional backlit poster displays) that were located at the BOK event center.

The translights displayed a previous campaign that needed to be replaced with something that would connect with people who attended the venue’s different events.

Marketing Goal

Engage event-goers with the Arby’s brand and capture cell numbers in order to text special

offers to consumers.

Project Challenges

• Develop a unique, interactive campaign that required participants to text Arby’s.

• Use four sponsorship translights that Arby’s had already acquired.

• Connect the design to the translights’ location: The BOK Event Center

The Strategy Process

We broke down the project into its base parts—from venue type and display parameters to potential user experience and everything in between. From that point, our team conducted individual research and explored ideas from unique angles. After bouncing these ideas off of one another, we were able to hone in on a solution that satisfied all the requirements.

Our Creative Solution

We put a modern twist on the classic “carnival cutout.”

We designed each translight with a connected, phone-shaped “selfie station.”

An oval-shaped mirror was used in place of the character’s face, allowing a person to become part of the image—like a life-sized Snapchat filter. (Mirror excluded, the piece was comprised of non-reflective graphics that allowed for optimal selfie-taking.)


Arby's BOK Center Interactive Ad Campaign - Example Mockup


In total, four themes were developed based on the venue’s main attractions: Rock, Country, Pop, and Hockey.

Arby's Interactive Ad CampaignArby's BOK Center Interactive Ad Campaign - Pop SingerArby's BOK Center Interactive Ad Campaign - Hockey Player

The Results

Participants received a unique photo and a tasty prize, while US Beef (Arby’s) received a valuable mobile connection with consumers. We’d call that a picture-perfect campaign.


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