Brand Consistency | What is it? How is it profitable?

Brand consistency is the execution of an unchanging look and feel for your company’s branding. If a person comes across any visual and/or written content related to your brand, they should be able to connect the dots back to your company. Brand consistency isn’t as easy as slapping your company logo on everything you produce. The consistency of a brand is woven throughout typography, color scheme, the tone of the copy, photography—any content that ties back to your company. It’s the strategy behind these little details that can have huge results.

So how does that factor into profitability?

Here’s a quick rundown…

Brand Consistency & Profitability

  1. The consistent, visual elements of your company create its brand reputation—which builds on your company’s reputation as a whole—which then builds customer trust.
  2. Customer trust strengthens brand relationships, which are key to company growth and stability.
  3. Brand relationships built on a solid foundation of trust result in higher and more consistent “share of customer wallet.”

Brand Reputation > Customer Trust > Brand Relationship > Higher Share of Customer Wallet

The above formula oversimplifies the process. But it makes a point: Brand consistency is incredibly valuable.  

Because of its value to our clients, Wenzel keeps brand consistency at the forefront of our design process. Whether we’re starting fresh with a company’s branding, doing a much-needed re-brand, or maintaining a brand’s print and digital marketing material, we pay close attention to the consistent strategy of a brand.

If you’ve already built a solid company reputation, then brand consistency has immense potential right from the start. Wenzel helped out one such business that had an outstanding reputation, but needed outstanding branding to capitalize on the legacy it had built…

Brand Consistency In Action

Brand Consistency | Mabrey Bank

Mabrey Bank had been serving its customers for a century, and it was time for updated branding that complemented its stellar services and high-tech features. They needed strategic imagery that would connect with target customers in today’s modern. tech-savvy world.

Wenzel answered the branding challenge with a clean, bold look that matched Mabrey’s brand personality. With the new brand style and logo nailed down, we went about the process of establishing that style within every aspect of Mabrey’s marketing collateral—from their business cards and brochures, to their print and digital materials.

Throughout Mabrey’s advertising, you can see the continuation of the brand. The colors, type—even the geometric shapes found in their logo—appear in the details of various ad campaigns and marketing material.

Brand Consistency Is In The Details…

Brand consistency is a balance. Designers work hard to combine the unmistakable hallmarks of a business with the detailed elements of its brand. Key characteristics of a company’s mission should be evident throughout its brand content. Done right, these details (like type/brand color palette/tone/etc) do just as much, if not more, to connect with customers and build recognition for your company. It’s subliminal advertising at its finest.

Mabrey Bank | Tulsa, OK | Brochure & Branding | Wenzel Creative + Strategy
Mabrey Bank | Tulsa, OK | Brochure & Branding | Wenzel Creative + Strategy

The Takeaway

As an important part of your company’s reputation, your brand should be strategically crafted, maintained, and, above all, kept consistent. Again, it’s not plastering your logo on everything. It’s all about creating a distinct look and feel. It’s your company’s style. Make sure you look sharp and stand out.

Brand consistency is an investment in your company’s reputation, your customers’ experience, and your potential for growth… and that’s some business advice you can take to the bank.

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