7 Creative Gifts for Mom That Will Make You The Golden Child

7 Creative Gifts for Mom That Will Make You The Golden Child

Moms spend a lot of time thinking about how to make their kids happy. (And probably an equal amount of time questioning why they had kids in the first place—being a mom is a delicate balance of love, patience, and plenty of hair-pulling.) Why not step up your game this year and show mom that you put some serious thought into her gift? We can almost guarantee that she’ll love a creative present more than another scented candle or Pottery Barn gift card.

#1 – Memory Lane

Take her on a drive through someplace that you visited as a child and recreate any memories or photos you may have taken. It doesn’t have to be an actual road trip… it could be an old, tree-lined road you both loved or your old route to school.

#2 – Dinner With A Twist

Eat at her most-frequented/favorite restaurant… surprise her by planning ahead and asking the manager if he would consider naming a dish after her. Present her with a commemorative plaque and take pics.

#3 – Words & Pictures

Write and illustrate a haiku (17 syllables, 3 lines of 5-7-5) about the funniest memory you have with her. You don’t have to be an artist or poet for this one… just be genuine. The memory alone will most likely produce laughter, the best gift of all.

#4 – A Piece of Your Heart

Buy a blank card, write in it: “Growing up, whenever things fell to pieces, you were always there to put me back together.” Cut the card up into strange shapes that she has to piece together like a puzzle. Put the pieces in an envelope and wait for the ah-ha look on her face… and possible tears.

#5 – Music To Her Ears

Record yourself singing one of her favorite songs and send it to her. Depending on your vocal ability, it will either be hilarious or sweet. Either way, you’ll make her smile.

#6 – The Cutest “Thank You” Ever

Have your own kids write thank you notes to her for raising you… and, if you were “that kid,” for putting up with you, as well.

#7 – Story Time

Send her a book that you plan on reading with her and discussing. If she’s not into reading, send a movie you think she’d like that you plan on watching with her.

Be original this year! Use one of the above ideas to make your mom feel special… show her that you really put some time and effort into this year’s gift. And there’s no need to tell her where you got the idea… your secret’s safe with us.

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