Presentation Tips: Persuasive Messages & Marketing Materials

Presentation Tips: Persuasive Messages & Marketing Materials

So you’ve got a big presentation coming up and it has to go well—there’s no room for error. Your company is competing for a specific buyer… or you’re presenting a new product to an existing client… or maybe it’s the board of your company that you need to impress with your idea for a project. Any of those situations sound familiar? Then this article is for you. In it, I’ll give you an outline of the steps for creating an effective presentation by using a phrase that you can reference every time you need to deliver a persuasive message:

You need to determine every important “WHAT” about WHO you’re talking to in order to understand HOW to create an effective presentation that clearly conveys WHY they should value what you’re saying or selling. Read more

Ad Campaign Results In Sweet Profits

In honor of the legendary Hurts Donuts grand opening in Tulsa, we’re doing a little throwback of our own experience with donut marketing. A few years ago, we had the sweet opportunity to do an advertising campaign for Thornton’s, a gas station/convenience store chain, headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. The two primary goals for the ad campaign were to (1) create awareness of Thornton’s increase in donut variety and (2) increase sales of donuts. And donut even get us started on how much fun the project was to design… But the best part is that our recipe of strategy and creativity resulted in some pretty sweet sales numbers, both during and after the promotion. Read more

Navigating The Creative Sea: Working With Clients, Not For Them

Before anyone gets their undies in a bundle about our stance on the proper preposition usage for project roles (try saying that five times fast), let’s make one thing crystal
clear: We’re not advocating a designer revolt. We’re simply standing by a
well-tested method of collaboration that’s in the best interest of both parties. Whew, glad we got that cleared up! Can you imagine the fallout of a designer revolt? Good grief, we’d be using ink toner as war paint, brandishing X-acto knives, and wearing layers of our thickest paper stock as armor. We’ve obviously never thought about this. That would be ridiculous. Anywho, moving on… Read more

2017 Has Arrived: 7 Predictions for Business, Design, & Social Media

It’s a new year, which means companies are scrambling to be ahead of the game on new trends—from marketing tools to typefaces, and everything in between. We’ve curated a list (in no particular order) for our readers to peruse and make their own educated guesses at what the future holds. There were dozens of fascinating predictions, but we’ve limited ourselves to a simple seven… and even if less than half of them come true, it appears that 2017 will be a showstopper of a year. Read more

‘Twas Design Before Christmas…

'Twas Design Before Christmas

This time of year is perfect for curling up in front of the fire with a cup of hot chocolate and a good story. So for this month’s post, we thought we’d give you a bit of design insight in a slightly more literary way. After all, design (especially branding) is a lot like a story. It’s comprised of beginnings and endings, triumphs and failures, and lots of lessons learned through experiences. And the very best stories don’t tell; they show. Design shows us what a company represents and invites the audience to join in their “story.” If you look closely at well-branded companies, you’ll find one heck of a narrative woven through their products or services. So, without further ado, it’s story time. Read more

Extreme Photo Makeover: Chili Dog Edition

Retouched Chili Dog

Retouched Chili Dog

Let’s take a good look at this chili dog. Actually, let’s take a look at what this chili dog represents… and we’re not referring to stained t-shirts, sporting events, or American eating habits. Believe it or not, we’re convinced that you can learn a few valuable design lessons via this image’s transition from humble dish to chili-cheesy perfection. All joking aside, we’ve gathered a few insights that we believe anyone involved in business or marketing will find valuable.

Read more

Writer’s Block: How do you create content for a business website?

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Wenzel Creative + Strategy

In order to reap the benefits of content marketing, you need to have SEO, and vice versa. The two compliment each other, and neither is optimal without the other. You can think of SEO as the skeleton, and content marketing as the muscle. (If we’re going to keep the metaphor going, then website design is, almost literally, the skin.) For this post, however, the focus is on the most important aspect of content marketing: Creating Content. More specifically, creating content for your business website. So fasten your seatbelt, grab some coffee, and let’s take a crash course on content creation for your company’s site. Read more

Does My Business Need a Rebrand? 5 Signs It’s Time For A New Look

It can be hard to know whether your business actually needs a rebrand… so here are 5 warning signs it might be time to call your local doc—uh, design studio. Read more