Interactive Ad Campaign Puts Event-Goers On Stage

Arby's Interactive Ad Campaign

We worked with US Beef (Arby’s largest franchisee) to create an interactive campaign that had to fit within some very specific parameters. They let us know what they had to work with and what they wanted to accomplish, and we took it from there.
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Facebook’s Shake-Up and What It Means For Business Pages

Facebook has always been changing. However, perhaps what’s truly changed in these last few go-rounds of major alterations to their algorithm is the increased amount of ingrained businesses that populate the platform.

Facebook marketing has slowly become mainstream, and considered a common necessity by many companies.  Naturally, as Facebook creates more reliance on their services, they hold more power. This is why it’s good to diversify your social media, even if it’s only on one or two other platforms.

One thing that’s relatively assured throughout this upheaval is that social platforms, including Facebook, have a reciprocal relationship with marketers. So it only stands to reason that when there’s maintenance or re-routes on one of the major highways of advertising—Facebook, Google, Amazon, and so on—there’s bound to be both angry commuters (consumers) and commercial transporters (companies), alike.

But people calibrate. There’s not another choice… unless you want to be driving on the grass on the side of the road.

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5 Ways Tech Has Changed Marketing & How Your Company Should Respond

5 Ways Tech Has Changed Marketing & How Your Company Should Respond

As technology changes, so does the nature of marketing. Consumers have vastly different mindsets today than they did 50, 10, or even 5 years ago. Each wave of new technology—from Google’s latest algorithm update to lifelike virtual reality—creates new opportunities (and challenges) for your company’s marketing strategy.

So what does that mean for your company?

Let’s take a look at 5 unique marketing challenges facing today’s companies and how your company can capitalize on understanding the mindset of tech-savvy consumers. Read more

Packaging Design Challenge | Have you spied our design?

Packaging Design. Ever wonder where it comes from? Designers do. And it’s one of the perks of the job to see our packaging design in stores. That box, bag, or beverage on the shelf might as well be an easter egg. Or the next step for a scavenger hunt. Or a clue in a mystery. Yep, we get a kick out of playing “packaging design detective.” And we thought you might, too!

Feel free to think of it as “Design I Spy” or “Design-And-Go-Seek.” Or maybe you’d like to pretend to be Nancy Drew or Sherlock Holmes, uncovering clues in a marketing mystery. Whatever your sleuthing preference may be, have a little fun with each Packaging Design Challenge. Read more

Brand Consistency | What is it? How is it profitable?

Brand consistency is the execution of an unchanging look and feel for your company’s branding. If a person comes across any visual and/or written content related to your brand, they should be able to connect the dots back to your company. Brand consistency isn’t as easy as slapping your company logo on everything you produce. The consistency of a brand is woven throughout typography, color scheme, the tone of the copy, photography—any content that ties back to your company. It’s the strategy behind these little details that can have huge results.

So how does that factor into profitability?

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Christmas in July: Hit Year-End Business Goals With Marketing Strategy

Christmas in July: Hit Year-End Business Goals with Marketing Strategy

You still have that tan from Cabo and the outside temperature has been pushing triple digits for two straight weeks. Christmas is the last thing on your mind. But now that we’re past this year’s halfway point, it’s a good time to assess your progress.

Are you on track for your year-end goals? Better yet, are you on track to beat last year’s goals? It may be up to your fall and holiday marketing to bring it all home.

If you want big results and big numbers, you’re going to have to start by planning some big ideas and, most importantly, give your creative team enough time to execute those big ideas. So without further ado, let’s buckle down, start humming Jingle Bells, crank the AC, and get into the spirit of your holiday marketing strategy.
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File Types Explained: JPEG | PNG | TIFF | PDF | EPS | Ai

What's a JPEG? PNG? TIFF? PDF? EPS? Ai?

File types… AKA: The mysterious world of design-tech acronyms that most of us have no clue what they mean or how the heck they’re used.

Sound familiar?

In a design studio, we run into situations with clients and vendors in which confusion about file types is a common conundrum. So we decided to offer up a simple guide to help explain some of the most common file types that you may run into in the world of business and design. Read more

7 Creative Gifts for Mom That Will Make You The Golden Child

7 Creative Gifts for Mom That Will Make You The Golden Child

Moms spend a lot of time thinking about how to make their kids happy. (And probably an equal amount of time questioning why they had kids in the first place—being a mom is a delicate balance of love, patience, and plenty of hair-pulling.) Why not step up your game this year and show mom that you put some serious thought into her gift? We can almost guarantee that she’ll love a creative present more than another scented candle or Pottery Barn gift card. Read more